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Salient ACO’s dashboards are pre-built, flexible analytic reports that are designed to guide you to underlying root causes impacting your ACO’s Utilization Rates, Quality of Care, Risk Scores, Patient Retention and Financial performance.

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  • Use our pre-built, flexible analytics with granular details to the TIN, NPI, beneficiary and claims level.
  • Measure performance drivers of Quality, Risk, Utilization, Spend and Attribution.
  • Stay up to date with CMS source data
  • Ensure fairness through transparency — HCC risk adjustment across your attributed population enables you to accurately determine the relative contribution from each provider

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Salient ACO stands alone in its ability to bring together all sources of timely patient data so providers can take action rapidly and make a meaningful impact on both the quality of care as well as the cost of care.

This level of actionable insight is absolutely necessary for an ACO to achieve shared savings and move quickly toward accepting increased levels of risk.

Dr. Hymin Zucker,CMO
Triple Aim Development Group

Shared Savings…

70% of ACOs have not achieved shared savings.

Salient gets you there…

by empowering you to effectively manage these critical areas:
Enhance Quality Control Risk Attribution Utilization Spend

Improve Quality of Care

  • Attain quality thresholds established by CMS
  • Understand performance by TIN
  • Track Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) & stay on top of your population

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Manage Risk

  • Proactively understand the changing condition of patients
  • Ensure engagement at the appropriate level to minimize acute episodes.
  • Accurately reflect the risk of your attributed population to impact your benchmark for the next performance year.

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Reduce Patient Turnover

  • Keep your beneficiaries continuously assigned throughout the year
  • Engage your assigned population on a regular basis
  • See who is receiving care out of network and reduce network leakage

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Percent of Primary Care Services Rendered In/Out of ACO

Control Utilization

ER Utilization

  • View detailed information about beneficiaries that have had ER visits
  • Identify access issues with individual practices
  • Stabilize or improve benchmark performance by avoiding unnecessary ER utilization

In Patient Utilization

  • View detailed beneficiary information that have had IP admissions
  • Prevent acute episodes requiring IP admissions
  • Reduce unnecessary re-admissions

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Cut Back Spending

  • Understand for whom and under what circumstances cost of care can be influenced
  • Create and monitor subsets of beneficiaries to deploy effective interventions (high cost, chronic conditions, etc)
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement

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