Use Salient ACO to view YTD and trend information focused on the percent of continuously assigned beneficiaries, net change in attribution, and the percent of beneficiaries seen in network for primary care services.

To ensure shared savings, an ACO must focus on keeping their beneficiaries continuously assigned throughout the year. Engaging the assigned population on a regular basis is critical to managing care and ensuring beneficiaries do not drop off the attribution list.

Salient ACO helps you get there. What you can do:

  • Identify and communicate opportunities for improvement and areas of success.
  • Identify which TINS/NPI’s are contributing to success and which ones need focused attention in certain areas in order to improve performance.
  • Understand relative change in performance over time.
  • Drill into a specific performance area and TIN/NPI to view more detailed data and actionable lists.
  • Develop TIN specific strategies for improvement.
  • Determine the impact of strategies that have been implemented.

Attribution opportunities by TIN

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