Control Risk

Maintaining risk scores that accurately reflect the risk of your attributed population is critical to achieving shared savings because the ACO benchmark for the following performance year will take into account the risk level for the current year. It’s also important to proactively understand your patients’ changing conditions to ensure appropriate engagement.

What you can do:

Get a detailed view of your ACO’s status relative to beneficiary risk. Investigate numerous pathways and create customized, actionable lists. Average risk scores per beneficiary are calculated monthly using the CMS-HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) methodology. View by the entire ACO, TIN(s), or NPI(s).

As with all Salient ACO dashboards, you can filter to customize your view.

  • Identify missed coding opportunities and develop strategies for follow up
  • Identify beneficiaries with rising risk scores who may be appropriate for a (chronic care management) CCM program
  • Measure impact of interventions/follow up efforts
  • Determine which intervention strategy is appropriate for each TIN

Risk by Beneficiary