Use Salient ACO’s Financial Opportunities dashboard to get a detailed view of the beneficiaries and cost categories that are driving spend for the ACO, Attributed TIN’s and Attributed NPI’s. The data are organized in a way that allows your users to investigate numerous pathways and to create customized, actionable lists.

It’s necessary to look further than the highest cost beneficiaries to accurately pinpoint opportunities for improvement and deploy effective strategies — and it’s critical to understand for whom and under what circumstances cost of care can be influenced. For example, interventions may focus on beneficiaries with a specific chronic condition or in a specific place of service.

Salient ACO helps you get there. What you can do:

  • Determine what is driving total costs and Part A/ Part B costs
  • Evaluate patterns of service delivery among providers
  • Evaluate LOS for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities
  • Identify high cost beneficiaries for further review
  • Compare expenditures to prior periods to determine if interventions are effective
  • Determine which intervention strategy is appropriate foreach TIN

Financial Opportunities by TIN

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